Our Mission 
     The Fund is a privately endowed, non-profit organization dedicated to assisting in the fight against all forms of pulmonary disease throughout the New York City region. Stony Wold provides funding through Research Grants and Fellowships to physicians, Direct Service Grants to students and Community Service Grants to other health care professionals active in the pulmonary field. Each year, the Fund disburses approximately $375,000 in an effort to promote greater community awareness of lung disease and speed its eventual cure.
     Should you need to contact the fund, Cheri Friedman, Executive Director, can be reached at (212) 753-6565. Our email address is director@stonywold-herbertfund.com.

 About The Stony Wold - Herbert Fund, Inc. 
     In 1885 Katharine Herbert founded the Working Girls' Vacation Society (later known as the Katherine Herbert Fund) to assist working women in the New York metropolitan area.
     It was a time when female labor was cheap and largely restricted to factories and sweat shops -- conditions which lead to a high incidence of tuberculosis. In 1901 Mrs. James Edward Newcomb, a director of the Society, began a fund raising campaign which resulted in the Stony Wold Sanatorium in the Adirondack Mountains.
     In 1951 the drug isoniazid put an end to TB as the 19th & 20th centuries knew it, and the two organizations turned their attention to other matters of respiratory health. The sanatorium itself was sold and the proceeds placed in an endowment fund. In 1974, after many years of affiliated work, the Katharine Herbert Fund and the Stony Wold Corporation formalized their relationship and merged to form the Stony Wold - Herbert Fund, Inc.
     Today the Stony Wold - Herbert Fund is a privately endowed, non-profit organization that assists the community in its struggle against pulmonary disease. It provides the following types of funding:      Click on any of the types of funding for more information, or use the buttons on the left side of the screen. To return to this page, click on our logo on the left or hit 'back' on your browser.

 Our Future is Yours... 
     In Keeping with its ever-expanding scope and needs, Stony Wold also is seeking individual contributions at this time, both to maintain the fund and to build upon its current programs. To date, the Fund has depended upon interest payments received from the principal endowment, but they can go only so far toward helping Stony Wold achieve its goals and fulfill its mission.
     If you have ever been a Grant or Fellowship recipient ... if you have ever suffered from a serious respiratory ailment ... if you have ever known a victim of debilitating lung disease ... won't you please consider making a contribution today? All tax deductible donations should be mailed directly to the Stony Wold-Herbert Fund, Inc., 136 East 57th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022.